Thursday, 7 June 2012

Why are botanists so ...

A commenter on Pharyngula wanted to know what people thought of Australians, so did a Google search on "Why are Australians so". I did it for botanists. Here's what I found.
  • "Why are botanists so much more successful in understanding their discipline than we lepidopterists? 
  • "Why are botanists so much nicer to get along with than mathematicians?
  • "Why are botanists so interested in Phylloglossum?
  • "Why are botanists so cute?"
That's the sum total for the whole internet, so I guess most people don't have any opinion about botanists, or else they know why we're all the other things we are.  I'm happy with "nicer to get along with", and "cute".


  1. Botanists seem like a good crowd if the internet has nothing to say but that they're competent, nice and cute! I was inspired to find my demographic identifiers...but sadly "why are embryologists so" turned up absolutely nothing. And "why are biologists so" mostly told me that apparently we're all secretly obsessed with chemistry. I feel a bit of an identity crisis coming on...

  2. Good Google! Librarians (like me)are... smart, mean, rude, nosy and sexy.