Sunday, 9 September 2012

Spring flowers

Wellington has a reputation for being windy, and it's worst in Spring and Autumn.  The last week has been pretty extreme, with gusts of 170kmh recorded at Mt Kaukau and 130 kmh in Kelburn.  At 200m, our house is in between, and the new roof stood up to the trial well, although the house did shake a bit with the big gusts.

Today it's breezy and sunny, and I walked through the botanic gardens.  There didn't seem to be any damage there, though trees had been blown over in other parts of the city.
Stormy sky, Wellington looking north.  The straight edge of the harbour is the Wellington Fault, always on our minds.

Tomorrow another front will pass, followed by a cold southerly change with snow on the Rimutaka mountains across the harbour.  So today, I'm enjoying the brief sunny respite.
Prunus blossom in the scented garden.
A mauve Corydalis in the rock garden.
Bluebells, Hyacinthoides hispanica
Edgeworthia chrysantha, relative of Daphne.

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